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The Womb Sister

Certified Birth Doula/CBE/Placenta Specialist/Yogi Steam Practioner

Meet Shantel

Founder of The Womb Sister LLC

Shantel Pipkin is a mother, sister, doula, childbirth educator, placenta specialist, yoni steam practitioner and founder of The Womb Sister LLC. Her relentless love for women, mothers, and child-birthing encouraged Shantel to produce Womb Fest, in an effort to teach, build, and praise women in the tri-state area.


Womb Sister Services

Holistic alternatives for pregnancy, prenatal and postpartum care. 

Yoni Steam


Childbirth Education

Birthing Doula

Placenta Encapsulations

Custom Birthing Products

Pregnant Photography

"Birth is what you make it. A positive mind makes your body a believer."

- Shantel Pipken

"This queen was sent from God when I felt I had no help with my first baby. She motivated me on many days in many ways when I couldn't motivate myself. She's so passionate about her craft and I would trust her with any of my future pregnancies. I absolutely love her like a sister."

- Amber Page

"Passionate and armed with the latest knowledge of all things birthing, The Womb Sister is the woman you want by your side when it’s time to deliver. She can guide you through the entire process from before pregnancy through the moment you meet your baby."

- Angelica Pennie

“Shantel has been by doula, my voice in the delivery room, and my friend. She saved my life prior to c-section! I could not have asked for anything else from her.

- Paige J.

Womb Shop Coming Soon!


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